Credit for Self-Employed Experience

Where can you get a loan for credit-independent experiences even with poor creditworthiness or negative Credit Bureau? Would you like to take out a loan to finance necessary repairs or purchases such as cars, cell phones or vacations? Fine Bank test result “It is difficult or even impossible for the self-employed and small businesses to obtain a loan from many financial institutions. Fine Bank offers companies flexible credit as a business model, whereby only independent and smaller companies belong to the target group of the financial service provider. Rejection for companies – Strong conditions for the self-employed, self-employed and entrepreneurs have no chance of a direct loan.



Feedback from the first self-employed who have an account with the company opening an account with the company opening an account: Kontist: The Lippenkontist company is a German-speaking company from Berlin and is made up exclusively of former and current self-employed.

The motto “The company account of the self-employed for the self-employed” is thus actively implemented and is characterized by an improved understanding of the target group. Kontist’s free company account is currently available for self-employed, sole proprietorships, freelancers and the self-employed. Business accounts require a place of residence or registered office in Germany. Easily accessible as a target group, right?

It is particularly striking that the company account is aimed at the self-employed if you take a closer look at the additional functions. The aim of the overall further development is to drastically reduce the administrative effort for the self-employed. It is a pure mobile account for which there is (still) no web application that can be accessed in the web browser.

The automatic tax calculation shows you how much you should save for VAT and income tax for each amount of money. Very, very helpful for many self-employed! The company Kontoist deals with the connection of various accounting solutions such as B. E-business, quick billing, service desk, etc. You can read in this film how this works:

I learned from the company Kontoist that 10 accounting solutions should be integrated by the end of 2017. As of April 2017, the MasterCard direct debit will arrive on the account. I think it is remarkable to show the way that Kontist users have a say in the further development. The control list will take these suggestions into account in the next development.

Is the free company account really free? Business access by account holders is completely free. There are no costs for account management, the transfer of SEPA, SMS-TAN, account statements, etc.

Accountist apparently plans a lot, especially when it comes to automated accounting. As an increasing number of credit institutions, the company also relies on online billing via video telephony. The account will then be checked by IDnow.

The account can be used directly. Therefore, the information only has to be entered once with a account (i.e. even faster than can be seen in the film). No. Account holders do not request information from Credit Bureau and do not report the opening of the account.

Even if the account balance application to open insolvency were made, the deposits would not be at risk.

Hopefully the introduction of the card will change that.

Hopefully the introduction of the card will change that.

The staff of the Kontisten team consist exclusively of people who have years of experience as freelancers. The work team now includes 20 people who are in the Berlin capital office. Earlier developments from Kontist: Since the company is still a very young company, it cannot yet compete with traditional credit institutions in terms of functionality.

With the absolute concentration on the self-employed, however, it becomes even more attractive for this group. The automated finance and accounting process, the high reputation as a customer and the rapid support make the customer account a very attractive company account for the self-employed. Because the account is opened in less than 10 minutes and the account does not cost anything, it makes sense to take a closer look at the account – even if you initially only use it as a second account.

The only thing you need is your cell phone and your passport…. and yes, you have to be independent. If possible, open the link directly on your mobile phone: How can you reach Contist?

Our entire editorial team is curious to see how the new German-speaking company account arrives at you, especially among the self-employed (small business owners, freelancers, etc.).

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