Swiss credit for self-employed without Credit Bureau

The self-employed do not have a boss – this is an advantage, but it also means that they have to work independently for orders. They only make money if they receive corresponding customer orders. Unlike employees, there is no payroll at the end of the month, regardless of whether a lot or little has been worked. Despite this hardship, many people are fulfilling a dream with their independence.

If the necessary equity capital is lacking and there are problems with orders from customers, the self-employed have a particularly difficult time. Because even if a loan is applied for, the self-employed are overshadowed by the employees. Banks are fundamentally cautious when it comes to lending to self-employed people because they are unable to demonstrate regular attachable income. Unfortunately, foreign banks also see the risk, so that, for example, the Swiss loan for self-employed people without Credit Bureau is not even offered.

We have researched accordingly, explored why what is the way it is. With our article we give you information about the Swiss loan for self-employed without Credit Bureau, which does not exist in this form, and show self-employed people what they can do if a Swiss loan for self-employed without Credit Bureau is also out of the question.

Why self-employed people get credit so hard

Why self-employed people get credit so hard

If the self-employed have often unsuccessfully applied for a loan from German banks, they have great hope in the Swiss loan for self-employed without Credit Bureau, which many credit intermediaries apply online and in the print media. If you take a closer look at the offer and question the whole thing, it turns out that the advertising is simply wrong. There is really no special Swiss loan for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau.

The Swiss loan without Credit Bureau is a loan offer that is aimed exclusively at employees. Swiss banks generally refrain from providing Credit Bureau with credit checks. However, they attach great importance to the fact that the loan applicants have a permanent position with regular and above all attachable income. For known reasons, the self-employed are not able to do this. The income of the self-employed is subject to large fluctuations. It is not regular, but always dependent on the order situation.

There is no Swiss loan for the self-employed without Credit Bureau

There is no Swiss loan for the self-employed without Credit Bureau

The Swiss banks have no access to the Credit Bureau information provided by German loan seekers. They only grant their loans to customers who can demonstrate a seizable income from a permanent position and who are no longer in the trial period.

Whole groups of people such as self-employed and freelancers, unemployed and Hartz IV recipients, pensioners and housewives as well as trainees and students are literally excluded from lending. They are not the target group and should therefore not feel addressed by advertising. This is not clear from the advertisement for Swiss credit for self-employed people without Credit Bureau, although it is actually clear.

This is also the intention, the advertising is made by credit intermediaries who are concerned with earning commission when arranging loans. They not only broker loans, but also sell insurance and building society contracts. Through the advertising, credit intermediaries attract potential customers to whom they sell everything. They won’t get a Swiss loan without Credit Bureau.

How the self-employed still get credit without Credit Bureau

How the self-employed still get credit without Credit Bureau

There are also opportunities for self-employed people to take out a loan without bending. If you have life insurance with a corresponding surrender value, you can monetize the insurance without canceling it. Life insurance can be lent. This is a kind of loan, but without a credit check, because it is your own money that a self-employed person borrows. So he’s not even in debt.

If there is a course, this variant is therefore the first choice for the self-employed. However, if there is no life insurance, there is still the possibility that the self-employed will borrow money from relatives or friends. Alternatively, they can try to get a loan on a portal where private investors lend money. However, Credit Bureau information is usually not dispensed with here. A loan application may only be made by the self-employed person who has a clean Credit Bureau.

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